Quantum inner child healinG


Quantum inner child healing is a unique and powerful step by step process that will help you to safely release subconscious trauma stored in the pain body, retrieve soul fragments and correct timelines. This can keep us looping in patterns of behaviour or trauma loops.

Through QIC we will identify, release and heal unresolved childhood trauma. We look at the triggers and clear the root cause of the issue. Typically root traumas happen between the ages of 0 -10, which stem from core wounds such as betrayal, abandonment, persecution, separation and rejection.

Often we will find ourselves attracting similar people and situations into into our life, running the same limiting belief programs and we can’t seem to move forward and out of the program. These patterns and programs are developed through childhood as coping mechanisms and can also be similar behaviours generated through ancestral programming.

When you work with me, I create a safe, supportive and protected space for you to heal long-held traumas, patterns of behaviour and old programs and belief systems, letting go of what you don’t need and calling in what you truly desire and deserve.

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