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Hi there, I'm Susie...

As a multidimensional healer and guide, I offer a number of healing modalities and programs designed to unlock your fullest potential.

Work With Me

A am devoted to be of service with integrity, compassion, humility, discernment and love.

Quantum Inner Child Healing sessions (QIC)

A unique and powerful step-by-step process that will help you to safely release subconscious and conscious trauma stored in the pain body, retrieve soul fragments, and correct timelines.

Quantum & Multi Dimensional Energy Healing

I work through clearing & healing your energy field, light-body,emotional, mental & physical body of lower energy & attachments renewing & recalibrating you at a deep cellular level.

Deep Soul Renewal, Alignment & Transformation

These sessions combine both QIC and Quantum and Multidimensional Energy Healing. We not only clear out trauma from your past, there is also a clearing and healing of your energetic field and light body.

Somatic Release Breathwork Sessions (TM)

A powerful tool to assist you to release trauma, built-up stress, and anxiety that becomes trapped in the cells and muscles of the body and to move it out and release it using the breath.

Deep Soul Healing & Transformation

This is a 13 - 15 week container, meeting online every 1 - 3 weeks. This is a commitment to yourself and your own journey. Overcome what is blocking your way & keeping you from activating your highest potential.

Celestial Mapping & Gift Activation

This is a fun session, I look into your field to identify your Celestial and Earthly timeline. I will be able to discover your gifts and templates associated to those bloodlines and reactivate them within you.

Womb Clearing & Healing Sessions

This is a highly sacred process and is designed to restore your sacred feminine essence back to your body. Sessions have been designed to release DNA from past partners as well as attachments siphoning your energy.

Activate Your Soul Purpose & Unique Codex Training Program
This 12 week course will cover the Sacred Oracle teachings of the Feminine Christ, Quantum/Multidimensional Healing & Fieldwork.
Activate Your Soul Purpose & Unique Codex
We will cover the many aspects of what it is to be an oracle in devotion to the Christ Sophia including understanding light body architecture & templates, implant removal, dark arts training, the use of plasma and crystalline light, unlocking your color codes, sacred womb healing & clearing, connecting to your grail lines, galactic families, healing & Angelic teams and elementals.
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Quantum Inner Child Healing, Quantum & Multidimensional Energy Healing, Somatic Breathwork, Deep Soul renewal, Alignment & Transformation, and Soul Healing & Transformation, Energetic Crystalline Womb Clearing & Healing, and Celestial Mapping & Gift Activation are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment, and no medical claims are made regarding these healings and sessions.

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